I’m a Realtor, and I hired James to sell my house!

I’m a Realtor, and I hired James to sell my house!
“James far surpassed my expectations. I came to him on a referral, frustrated because even though my properties were listed with one of the top agencies in Calabasas, there simply wasn’t as much activity as I thought there should be.

I myself work in real estate on the investing side, so I expect more of a hands on approach, and that is exactly what I got with James.

He took over the listings for two of my residential properties. On my Woodland Hills property, he closed the deal in about three weeks; after it had been on the market for eight months with the previous agent. It ended up selling for the highest price per square foot in the area.

For my West Hills property, he secured a lease with option to buy–the highest lease option for the area. On this home, the previous agent had it for about four months, whereas James had a deal lined up in roughly two weeks.

Not only that, he was very patient and methodical in handling the lease option contract and paperwork. It can be tricky, requiring modifications, and I really appreciate how smooth the transaction went.

I needed to work with someone who thinks on a creative level and who targeted the right potential buyers, not wasting time with anyone who wasn’t serious. And that is the approach he takes.

On a personal note, I found James to be very easy to talk to, patient and easygoing.

Overall, he goes beyond putting the property on the MLS and waiting for something to happen. He is very creative: using top-notch photography, lifestyle models, editing and scriptwriting. I believe that it is a far superior approach–especially with one of my properties that has some unique features.

He is very technology savvy and on top of the latest in networking and social media, but still hold onto a personal touch. I think that is rare in this industry.”